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We have pre-purchased over 80,000 stock designs. 
Many customers are bewildered when I ask if their design has been digitized. Especially when they explain that they have already paid a set-up fee to the graphic designer who has given them a disk with a design on it. It is true that "digitizing" in graphic design generally refers to making the design and setting the lettering fonts and colors, however, digitizing in embroidery is a different process. Most people with any home computer can create a design, add letter, colorize the design and so on. (I have not located a home computer owner that has spent the $8,000 plus on the embroidery digitizing software required to put your design into a recognized embroidery file.) For very complex designs the digitizing fee from other companies can run anywhere from $40-$200. That is why 90% of our digitizing is done in house to keep the price lower. If you have a custom logo/design and you would like to receive a quote on the design please email us the colored art work as a  jpeg or bit map file. We will take a look at it and give you a set-up price. We stand behind our digitized product! We will never send a logo out of the door without making sure ourselves that the design will sew out nice and trouble free. The link below is a helpful hint to our fellow embroiderers.

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